Porting Cirkuit to KF5

As a teacher of Circuit Theory at UPC have to generate a lot of materials (problems, exams, slides, assignments, etc.) containing circuit schematics, graph plots, diagrams and so on. Normally I use TeX/LaTeX to typeset them, including the creation of all graphics programmatically, so I make extensive use of the excellent Cirkuit app from Matteo Agostinelli to preview my graphic work before inserting it into the documents. At present, Cirkuit supports previewing graphic material written in Circuit Macros, PGF/TikZ, PSTricks and Gnuplot, but other backends can be added easily.

Unfortunatelly, Cirkuit has not been updated for the past 4 years, as Matteo got a real job and has no plans on working on it again for now. So, I decided to go into the wild and take care of porting Cirkuit to KDE Frameworks 5 and, eventually, become maintainer of this application.

So, if you are also a Cirkuit user, stay tuned to know about any progress in this subject.

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